LANCO RDT tent meets Italien Army

LANCO “RDT” tent, a new part of LANCO family, was presented on the celebration for 200 years of the foundation of the Italian Army Administrative & Quartermaster Services.

The event was hosted at the barracks of the “Comando Brigata Granatieri di Sardegna “ and of the  1° Grenadier Regiment, located in Rome. Link

The new exoskeleton frame tent "RDT" allows for rapid deployment.

Italian Soldiers had a direct demonstration about its easy and quick set-up / strike capabilities.

Moreover, due to its strong aluminium frame structure, the RDT tent can sustain the considerable wind load and the snow load as typically specified by the Military Users.   

 Even in rain or snow the inner of the tent’s inside stays dry during set-up, because the tent skin is pulled up and attached in one piece underneath the frame.