Water Management

Suction Pump with Stainless Steel Box IP 68

Electrical pump for removing water out of decontamination showers for example, suitable for continuous operation. It can deliver fresh water as well as waste water with a maximum solid size of 4mm.
The suction pump has a water level sensor with leaves only a rest water level of 2mm. It comes with a 10m cable and is mounted together with the sensor in a stainless steel box, which securely prevents the intake of bigger pieces as well as suctioning to the bottom The standard coupling is a Storz D, but any other coupling is available on request.

Flow rate: 5500 litres/h maximum
Driving speed: 2.90 per minute
Max. delivery height: 7,2 m
Max. delivery temperature 35°C
Supply voltage (50 Hz): 230 V
Motor capacity: 270 W
Start water level 5 mm
Follow-up time 4 minutes
Main fuse: 10 A